What’s Inside Vape Juice

Today I am going to talk to you about what is inside vape juice or e-liquid. Now one of the main reasons I quit smoking cigarettes was because I found out that cigarettes actually contain 20000 toxins while vape juice only contains 9 making it a safer way for me to get my nicotine. There are five basic ingredients in vape juice first we have vegetable glycerin or VG, second we have propylene glycol or PG, third we have your flavoring, fourth your nicotine and fifth sometimes water.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a thick clear liquid made from palm oil, soy, or coconuts. It is used in women’s skin care products; women take a 100% VG pills to clear up their skin. It is actually used in shampoo, toothpaste, soaps, and special glycerin is used in fog machine juice. Fog machine juice is made up of vegetable, glycerin, and distilled water so the vegetable glycerin in the fog machine juice is what makes that entire vapor; it makes the big clouds. So if you are vaping and you use a 100% VG juice you are going to get a huge cloud.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is a thin clear liquid that is sugar based so it’s very sweet. It is also used in toothpaste, soft drinks, children’s Tylenol, ice cream, and icing. The reason it is used in ice cream and icing is that it acts as a bonding agent to hold the molecules together better so it last longer. Propylene glycol is also what is used to vaporize what is in asthma inhalers so this really hit home for me because a vape juice uses 70 to 80% of VG and propylene glycol that makes it seem a lot safer to me because propylene glycol has been proven to be perfectly safe to inhale because people have been using it for years for their asthma inhalers.


Propylene glycol in vape juice is also what is going to give you your flavor and your throat hit. To add flavoring to vape juice is as simple as using a propylene glycol based flavoring that is used in candies or even the vanilla extract that you may have in your home.


All companies use an FDA approved pure nicotine in vape juice; the less nicotine you have the better the flavor and the less of a throat hit. So if you are just starting to quit smoking cigarettes you are going to want a higher nicotine and say like an 18 milligram as opposed to a 6-milligram nicotine or a 3-milligram nicotine. If you are trying to get off of the nicotine eventually you can get down to a 0-milligram nicotine juice and that’s the whole point here. We are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, we are trying to be healthier and that’s what vaping is here to do. It is actually a proven statistic that sales of 6-milligram and 3-milligram nicotine are double the sales of high milligram nicotine doses because people are trying to quit; I myself use a 3-milligram nicotine and plan on getting to the zero eventually. 


Vape juice is made out of everyday items and I hope I answered any questions you might have as to what is inside a vape juice. To find out more, check out