What’s Inside Vape Juice

Today I am going to talk to you about what is inside vape juice or e-liquid. Now one of the main reasons I quit smoking cigarettes was because I found out that cigarettes actually contain 20000 toxins while vape juice only contains 9 making it a safer way for me to get my nicotine. There are five basic ingredients in vape juice first we have vegetable glycerin or VG, second we have propylene glycol or PG, third we have your flavoring, fourth your nicotine and fifth sometimes water.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a thick clear liquid made from palm oil, soy, or coconuts. It is used in women’s skin care products; women take a 100% VG pills to clear up their skin. It is actually used in shampoo, toothpaste, soaps, and special glycerin is used in fog machine juice. Fog machine juice is made up of vegetable, glycerin, and distilled water so the vegetable glycerin in the fog machine juice is what makes that entire vapor; it makes the big clouds. So if you are vaping and you use a 100% VG juice you are going to get a huge cloud.

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is a thin clear liquid that is sugar based so it’s very sweet. It is also used in toothpaste, soft drinks, children’s Tylenol, ice cream, and icing. The reason it is used in ice cream and icing is that it acts as a bonding agent to hold the molecules together better so it last longer. Propylene glycol is also what is used to vaporize what is in asthma inhalers so this really hit home for me because a vape juice uses 70 to 80% of VG and propylene glycol that makes it seem a lot safer to me because propylene glycol has been proven to be perfectly safe to inhale because people have been using it for years for their asthma inhalers.


Propylene glycol in vape juice is also what is going to give you your flavor and your throat hit. To add flavoring to vape juice is as simple as using a propylene glycol based flavoring that is used in candies or even the vanilla extract that you may have in your home.


All companies use an FDA approved pure nicotine in vape juice; the less nicotine you have the better the flavor and the less of a throat hit. So if you are just starting to quit smoking cigarettes you are going to want a higher nicotine and say like an 18 milligram as opposed to a 6-milligram nicotine or a 3-milligram nicotine. If you are trying to get off of the nicotine eventually you can get down to a 0-milligram nicotine juice and that’s the whole point here. We are trying to quit smoking cigarettes, we are trying to be healthier and that’s what vaping is here to do. It is actually a proven statistic that sales of 6-milligram and 3-milligram nicotine are double the sales of high milligram nicotine doses because people are trying to quit; I myself use a 3-milligram nicotine and plan on getting to the zero eventually. 


Vape juice is made out of everyday items and I hope I answered any questions you might have as to what is inside a vape juice. To find out more, check out 

Your new best friend: pick the best vape pen

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The best vapor pen is extremely discreet, imperceptible in the pocket. Usually used for short steaming sessions, it is a good choice for those who spend a lot of time away from home. Its design and price are quite attractive, however, if you are looking for dried herbal sprays (also known as dehydrated essences), check out the portable models, also quite compact, these will make your experience much better and your steam much tastier. In our store you will find available models of stylus pen Shatterizer, Boundless, Hypnos, KandyPen Galaxy, KandyPen Gravity and Dr. Dabber Ghost. All models compatible with concentrates with heating through driving system.

How to use the best vapor pen

G Pencil Elite G Pen, for example, which also manufactures the G Pro and G Pen, was launched in 2016 as the brand’s new portable herbal vaporizer. At the launch, the company stated that this would be a great leap in technology not only for them, but also for the whole segment of portable vaporizers. Personally, after such a blunt statement like this, I was eager to test the G Pen Elite and see if it even meets expectations.

Grenco Science vaporizers are gaining a lot of space in Europe, especially in the UK. And when it comes to ergonomics, surely the vaporizers of this brand are among the best in the segment. This is a must have as your best vape pen starter kit.

Largest compartment for herbs on the market

With the camera open, it’s time to put your favorite dry herb, but do not forget to prepare it before. It is important that the essence is ground very thin, since the G Pen Elite was thought for a hybrid heating, ie in addition to the convection; there is the conduction that is based on the transmission of the heat through the direct contact between the oven and the essence. As with all models with this type of heating, it is essential that the essence is very thin and that the chamber is completely full so you have the best possible vaporization experience. Try to lightly press the herb inside the camera with your fingers or using the handling tool that came with the G Pen Elite kit. Once you have done this, simply replace the cap back so you can turn on your best vape pen.

The Safety Of E-Liquid, What We Know Now


E-cigarette vaping have in recent time been pararded as the safer and better substitute for traditional smoking, this have caught the interest of smokers or persons who are looking to drop the harmful habit of smoking. Given the numerous side effects and destructive tendencies of tobacco, it is not suprsing that persons are buying into the e-cigarette idea. Best vape pens have become a fast rising valuable assets for many capers and vaping enthusiasts. There are also insinuations that e-cigarettes and their e-liquids are comparatively safer than tobbaco, however science have not yet disproved or approved of this maybe because, e-cigarettes are relatively newer in the market. It will have to take a period of time to be able to discern their long term effects .


What is in the E-liquid?

The e-liquid otherwise called best e-juice is the substance that is heated to produce the vapour which contains the e-juice flavour. It is a simple compound , given it’s composition which is made up of  ingridents that have been existed around us for years.These ingredients include water, nicotine, propylene glycol (PG) and natural/artificial flavoring. Some e-juice use vegetable glycerin (VG) instead of PG , while others use a combination of the both, depending on the juice flavour they want to inhale. Dissecting the effects of these individual  ingridents separately, we can have a glimpse of what these ingridents can do in the long run.

Effects of E-liquid ingredients


Nicotine is dangerously addictive , keeping smokers and vapers hooked to something that is so bad for them. Health research have not yet uncovered any any real health danger beyond this. In fact, several  trials  have exonerated nicotine of any harmful effect  when given in its pure form via inhalation, it is even beneficial aiding greater sense of concentration and prevention Alzheimer’s disease.

*Propylene Glycol:

PG is an odorless and tasteless synthetic additive, generally recognized as a safebest e-juice flavoring agent. It is used to create artificial smoke or fog and it’s use is widespread from ice cream to anti-freeze. Research have also shown  on inhalation, there is little or no harmful effect of orally administering PG. Learn more.

*Vegetable Glycerin:

VG is a bye-product of plant oils, typically palm, soy, or coconut oil. Also called glycerol, it is one on man’s most known liquids that have been used in different capapcitoes , although there habe been little application in inhalation. Usually used in e-cigarettes as a replacement for PG, users have reported stronger throat hit, something some e-cigarette users typically prefer because of VG. While there are no contraindicative reports from health research, the fact they are produced in many types of fruits , vegetables and  dairy products implies that all is well.


Flavoring agents used as best e-juice flavors are approved by  FDA for consumption ,but there implication on inhaling was not considered. This have raised concerns over the healthiness of these flavours, especially as factory workers exposed to the flavoring diacetyl,  commonly used in popcorn production as a butter flavor, began developing lung disease . This disease is credited to have resulted from inhalation of the substance, hitherto deemed fit for oral consumption.


While best e-juice have not been in the market for a long time, their long effect on health cannot yet be studied. This is why an examination of the separate ingridents gives us an exposure to the health implications of the e-juice. This in no way refutes research claims on e-juice health implications, especially as cincerens over flavoring rise but until proven otherwise, e-cigarettes will betaken as the healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. Check out this site: https://vapeanalyst.com/best/vape-mods

The Best Way to Clean Your Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen

Choosing a vape pen or vaporizer pen can be highly popular for a host of reasons. More and more are using these pens to cut down on smoking real cigarettes and to effectively quit. Giving up smoking isn’t easy but with a lot of determination anything is possible. However, when you are using a vape pen you need to ensure it’s kept clean so that it runs as long as humanly possible. Read on to find out how to clean your vaporizer pen.

The Basics of Cleaning

You must firstly ensure the device is switched off and that the battery is removed. While you are removing the battery ensure it’s in the best condition possible. For instance, if the battery has been damaged it must be replaced with a fresh one so you don’t have any accidents. Next, you can remove the cartridge and carefully use a pipe cleaner to cleanse the interior of the pen. If you don’t have a pipe cleaner to hand you could put a small cloth on a stick and use that to reach the areas you can’t. Some use water to clean but if you are, you must give it ample time to dry out before using again. Even the best vape pen needs to be dry before use.

Why Is Cleaning So Important?

If you don’t keep up with regular maintenance on your vaporizer pen then it could become clogged and it might not run as it should. When this happens, you are going to probably need to buy a new vape pen. You don’t want to keep on buying new devices and you don’t have to either as long as you clean it on a regular basis. There is no real need to wash it every day but you do want to at least try to do this once a week. This will help to ensure the vaporizer pen remains in excellent condition and that any issues with the device or the battery is picked up quickly.

What to Do If Your Vape Pen Isn’t Working

When there are issues with the vaporizer it might be something very minor such as changing the old battery for a new one. If that is the case, it should take only a few minutes at best to swap the batteries around. If the device still isn’t working you might need to ensure the cartridge is in place. Most issues with these devices are fairly minor but there might be an occasion in which it needs replaced. Buying the best vape pen is easy to do and they are designed to last but if you don’t take care of them, continue to drop them or neglect the cleaning and maintenance side of things, it’ll break easily. That is why you need to ensure your vaporizer pen is cleaned on a regular basis.

Take Care of Your Vaporizer Pen

Surprisingly, vaporizer pens aren’t as difficult to clean or to maintain as you might think. Yes, there is a little bit of cleaning to be done but in general they are super easy to maintain. With a bit of effort on your part, you can keep the devices clean and they’ll last longer too. Buy the best vape pen and it’ll last a lifetime.

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To quit smoking is so hard to do, and it takes real determination. People may not know what exact thing to do to stop traditional smoking. If people will not quit, it could result in serious diseases like a lung cancer. So, if you have time to change your bad habit, do it right away before it is too late. Nowadays, there are lots of alternatives to smoking, and the main one is the vape. Vaping is becoming more popular today because it will help you not to smoke traditional smoking. In vaping you have the control on what will be the amount of nicotine you want. You will still experience the same taste with real tobacco in vaping, but it will not be so damaging if you choose to go for vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. In a week you will feel immediately the result of using the vape device, you won’t need to clear your throat first before you speak and also your breath will not be short anymore.


If you’re not a smoker and you are planning to try smoking, it is more preferable to you go for vaping. Even some non-smokers are having enjoyed in vaping because of the different flavors in vaping, not just only flavors it is a delicious flavors available as e-juice. You can also customize your vaping kit on whatever design you want. It will give lots of interest to those who vapes because of the exciting flavors and customizing the kit. You can choice now different vaping device; all you need is to determine what the exact vaping device you need. Vapor pen can give you satisfaction just like a traditional smoking, you still smoking without taking any harmful tobacco nicotine.

You can look for a vaping device and e-cigarette through online. There are lots of online store nowadays that are dealing vape device, you just need to do is do some research about the vape device you want to buy. Just make sure that the online store that you are planning to buy your vaping device or e-cigarettes are legal. In e-cigarettes still it has nicotine, but you can control what will be the content of the nicotine you want in your e-cigarettes. There are even websites that are willing to help you to buy a vape kit and e-cigarette online. If you are planning to buy a vaping device, it is advisable that you go for a vape starter kit, because you don’t have to buy it every component to be able to have a complete vaping device. You need to make sure that all the parts are working together. By using a vaping device, it will significantly reduce the risk of         disease, and also it will give a healthy living lifestyle. People may don’t have many idea about vaping, but if they try it they will find it more relaxing with great taste because of the numerous flavors.For more details visit http://www.vaperscorner.co.za/blog/our-news-1/post/vaping-more-than-just-a-smoking-alternative-46


You can choose from many different vape devices nowadays and many are suitable for you. One of the most common vaping devices is the Cloupur Mini – an advanced box mod that can give great satisfaction to those who opt for vaping. There are lots of vaping devices available online, but it is so hard to find the perfect fit for your vaping needs. Therefore, you first need to do lots of research on about the vape mod devices available. If you want total satisfaction in your vaping experience, you must go for Cloupur Mini. In box mod, you can customize it however you want; it works with an electric battery and it can be customized to make a connection with a atomizer with lots of buttons or only one. If you are afraid that something will fall off or it might peel, you can utilize Mod Podge for added safety on the front cover. For some more experienced vapers, the box mod is the most effective device available to fully satisfy their vaping sensation.


When buying a vaping device, you need to choose a top brand name so that you are rest assure that the vape device you are buying is of good quality and can provide great satisfaction. In every mod they have different options that you have to set up in order for the moods to work as you wish. When you already assemble all the components need for Cloupur Mini box mod to be use for vaping, you can customize or add some decoration. The box mod is the latest addition to the e-cigarette family that will help all e-cigarettes users to customize their device with what they want to have to their vaping device or the e-cig. They will be more interested to use vape device or e-cig if they customize it properly. You can rest assure that the Cloupur Mini box mod is safe to use, and it will give you great satisfaction in vaping. Some box mod devices available on the market is not safe to use, it might explode and can create injury or damage to the users. So before you will buy box mod, just make sure that the brand is legit and the dealers are legal.

Nowadays, you can easily buy a box mod device online, just look for an online store that can give you what you want for a box mod device. There has different vaping device, so identify first what exact mod that is suitable to you. So look for a Cloupur Mini box mod, if you want to have great satisfaction by changing to vaping as a replacement for traditional smoking. If you have still time to change your bad smoking habit, do it right away before it’s too late. And if you don’t have any idea about the Cloupur Mini box mod, just ask help or seek advice from an expert to avoid any issues that might happen if the device isn’t used properly. Be wise enough in buying a Cloupur Mini box mod, and avoid online store scammers. For more information continue reading here http://www.medicalcannabisclub.ca/e-cig-mods-by-vaping-zone-vape-the-vapor-of-relaxation/


Most traditional smokers who started using tobacco cigarettes just to relax, they become more addicted to smoking. Clients want to buy a vaping device that will satisfy their needs and they are looking for an online store to buy it. You can have lots of choices if you buy an e-cigarette online, it will fulfill the demand of the clients who are looking for a best quality products of an e-cigarette. It is a fast and easy way to transact when a buying vaping device online.For more details you can visit https://vapeanalyst.com/ One of the problems for potential customers is the location of the store. With an online store you don’t need to visit. Through online shopping, it becomes easier and faster for some clients and potential clients to reach out to the best quality products of e-cig batteries, e-liquid, and also it has a starter kit that you can choose because you don’t need to buy every part that need to assemble a vaping device or e-cigarette. With e-cigarettes, the vapor will make you feel relaxed and also make you satisfied just like you are smoking the traditional way, and it has some flavors that you can choose.


When you are aware of the impact of smoking cigarettes, most look for an alternative to smoking cigarettes and the best option is an e-cigarette from Vaping Zone. It will help you a lot, so that you will fully recover from the damage of smoking cigarettes. With e-cigarettes, you will be the one to choice the exact content of nicotine for you that will not be harmful to you, and also in e-cigarette there are different flavors that you can choose. You may also choose a starter kit that will help you to step into the world of vaping, which is the most proficient method to stop smoking cigarettes or traditional tobacco. If you enjoy in vaping, you can go for e-cigarette mods by Vaping Zone; the starter mods used by some vaping veterans, there is one thing that remains the same and that is the e-liquid. The e-liquid will be the one you will inhale and exhale that produces from the e-cigarette. By starting your vaping use the normal e-liquid and when you get used to it, you can change it to some other flavors that you like to make your vaping session more refreshing. There are so many functions that an e-cigarette have, just to make sure that you will not get bored of the daily motion of vaping. You may also customize your own vaping device or the e-cigarette. If you start vaping, you it will never go back into your mind to smoking cigarettes again, because you will be enjoy and more relax in using e-cigarettes mods with different flavors. Still you will enjoy the taste of cigarettes, but it will not harm you not like smoking tobacco does.